[Label :OLD EUROPA CAFE] Dark Folk

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(ltd. ed. 400) 10 new tracks, 6-panel eco-digifile.

The new album by Ô Paradis "Líquido” represents the first profound change the band has made since its inception more than 20 years. We could even call it a fresh start / a new beginning. While it is true that Demian has always contributed new directions, trends, styles or sounds to each album in the past, this time he seems to just let it flow in order to challenge his former conceptions. What’s different is the attitude. Being less psychological and more visceral, it is freer and more open, allowing new musical influences to integrate themselves and allowing his poetry to be- come more authentic.
Without a singly rhythm being martial, his music smells like gunpowder. We hear heavy distortions while being aware oft he fact that the song is not an industrial one. We discover songs which, unlike a pop song, do not challenge us. We feel a notion of hip hop while, at the same time, the music does not intend to move us. Such a fragile balance can only be created by setting aside any standards and by giving the mere experience a voice. The result is a dark, dirty and dejected album consisting of a highly successful punk / rough energy, to which only Aloma Ruiz Boada's violin splashes of colour. It also includes cryptic texts, which must be related to personal conflicts and be tuned to the misfortune of a wounded country as well as the loss of spirituality.

01. Sant Felip Neri
02. Afan de Adivino
03. La Placa Bella
04. Liquido
05. Las Cajas de Carton
06. Lord Henry Wotton
07. Inerte
08. Alicia
09. Mundo sin Mundos
10. Le estatua del nino estudiante