[Label :TRASHHOLD HOUSE] Experimental-Electronic

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Available on viernes 14 mayo, 2021

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This is the regular CD that comes in high class digipak with mind-blowing artwork by (see below) and features totally 94 (mostly very short) tracks!

After the countless re-releases of old material, here’s something really exclusive about Coil: Absolute all material on this special release is previously unreleased.
‘The intestinal Disaster/The ancient Sidewards’ features nothing less than:

  • Previously unreleased burps and authentic farts by John Balance (rigorously JOHN, no Jhon this time!), recorded by Danny 'How to make Shitloads of money by releasing completely superfluous Coil-related stuff on dozens of labels all around the planet, without getting disturbed by the heirs of deceased Coil-members’ HighD during various recording sessions and never before made available!
  • Some very sophisticated ‘spoken word’ by Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson, recorded secretly by Danny 'I'm a greedy old bastard and None of my Own projects really sold a lot, as they all suck more or less' Hite, during various recording sessions all around the world, some of which never heard before!
  • Unbelievably ‘deep’ and ‘meaningful’ thoughts by John Balance – and other, but not that much regarded COIL-members such as Geoff Rushton, Tim Lewis, Tom Edwards and Michael J. York! All thoughts have been captured on tapes in a unique, new avant-garde technology, invented and brought to maturity by Danny ‘I’m such a great bloke and full of surprises’ Hate and secretly taped by night, inside the respective dormitories of various recording Studios
  • Commissioned artwork by Maemi Waire Koch (at age 4 and guaranteed never a member of Nurse with Wound!!!) from a recalled dream by Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson – felt-tip pen on White Paper!
  • All mastering by Martin Bowl (Wear & Tear) in Basket Studio.