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[Label :TRISOL] Dark Electro

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(ltd. ed. 500) This special edition contains 2 CDs and 2 Vinyls as follows:

  • CD1 contains the full-length album "Mental Camera"
  • CD2 contains the bonus mini album "A Coeur de la Nuit" Vinyl
  • Black 180g 2x12" vinyl that contains all tracks of both CDs
  • High quality, super-audiophile discs – German pressing! with Sumptuous gatefold sleeveBlack inner sleeve with antistatic lining, printed vinyl labels

The chameleon is back. And it is shimmering in the thousand colours of night: As always when avant-garde electro trailblazers Die Form open a new chapter in their intoxicating career, the eyes of this worlds’ lustful sound aesthetes rest firmly upon them.
Even after 43 years side by side, the musical intercourse between Philippe Fichot and Éliane P. hasn’t lost a bit of its haunting presence, its nepenthean effect, its radical eroticism.
Latest sprout of this both fated and fruitful partnership is an oeuvre that’s rendering speechless as much as it is stimulating, that’s illuminating the deepest depths of our psyche while at the same time building a deeply spellbinding electronic shrine to the horrifying beauty of night itself. “Mental Camera”, as the both short and meaningful title goes, is consciously ambiguous in its etymology: A camera that records psychic states, but also “camera”, the Italian world for chamber. Both meanings conjoined lead to the very essence of their latest manifesto of gloomy electronics: A mental chamber, a voluptuously dark record about the passing of time, about dreams going down the drain.
Those are songs about our imagination, about the colossal world within our heads, about the shadows, about memories and mother nature. Born in endless nights, “Mental Camera” sounds like the soundtrack to a lost David Lynch movie: Enigmatic yet demanding, full of forbidden promises and abyssic thoughts.
A naked dance on the edge of the soul, an electronic opus magnum formed by Surrealist masters, harking back to the classic “Poupée Mécanique” as well as the long-since legendary “Trilogy of Passion” which defined Die Form as a project of immortal genius back in the nineties.
This partial return is also becoming apparent in the hauntingly explicit visual aspect of the albums – intimate Die Form followers will know what this means. However, Die Form 2021 is also a piece of electrified zeitgeist, a primum mobile of ritualistic club music. Testimony to this is a song like the hypnotic force that is “Lilium Dolorosa”, easily one of the strongest, most poignant pieces of music Fichot ever wrote. But then again, all of “Mental Camera” is: Sensual and intuitive, at times animalistic, at times avantgardistic, always committed to night, lust and shadow.
Since 1977.

01. Au Coeur de la Nuit (Into the Night)
02. Continuum Dream
03. Les Roses sanglantes
04. Lilium Dolorosa
05. Animal Memory
06. Automatique
07. Memory of Future
08. Théâtre de la Cruauté
09. Materia Oscura
10. Les Corps purs
11. Insomniac Activity
12. Paradis Perdus
13. Between Two Worlds
14. Black Nerves (We never die)

01. Au Coeur de la Nuit – Mix 2
02. Before Silence and Blindness
03. The Persistence of Fear
04. Au Coeur de la Nuit – Male Vocals Tracks Double

A1 Au Coeur de la Nuit (Into the Night)
A2 Continuum Dream
A3 Les Roses sanglantes
A4 Lilium Dolorosa
A5 Animal Memory
B1 Automatique
B2 Memory of Future
B3 Théâtre de la Cruauté
B4 Materia Oscura
B5 Les Corps purs
C1 Insomniac Activity
C2 Paradis Perdus
C3 Between Two Worlds
C4 Black Nerves (We never die)
D1 Au Coeur de la Nuit – Mix 2
D2 Before Silence and Blindness
D3 The Persistence of Fear
D4 Au Coeur de la Nuit – Male Vocals