[Label :CYCLIC LAW] Dark Ambient

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(ltd. ed. 300) In 6 panel Digisleeve.

Undirheimar conjures from the formless void musical talismans for the listener to experience through limited human senses, and, for those more attuned to Thursian forces, beyond them. Each spell is a poisonous offering whose intrinsic purpose is to invade the cosmic realm and spread Thursastafir (Thursian primordial knowledge). These workings manifest what is alien to the demiurge’s creation, and thus, as the eleven venomous rivers from Hvergelmir, infect the roots of the cosmic pillar. The mediums used to disseminate the eitr from the outer-worlds are somber and arcane sounds and vibrations, Thursian gnosis through sonic sorcery. Within the sorcerous craft utilised to convey Thursastafir, the use of Mongolian, Tibetan, and Siberian style throat chanting is strongly apparent. Utilising the raw power of vibration and the primal technique of repetitive mantras, Undirheimar channels the magical potency of primordial sound from both written texts as well as wordless galdr. The aim is not to recreate a specific cultural technique, but rather to derive inspiration from existing practices, and through personal sha- manic working, bring forth Undirheimar’s own stream of devotional and magical praxis.

01. Utgardr
02. Urthursar
03. Helvegr
04. Heljarrùnar
05. Haljoz Anakalzà
06. Enn Himinn Klofnàr