[Label :SONIC SEDUCER] Gothic-Dark Wave

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Witn Nightwish in the cover.

Aeons Confer, Agonoize, Allen/Olzon, Marc Almond, Amduscia, Beyond Obsession, Blackbird & Crow, Blind Passenger, Blutengel, Body Count, Böse Fuchs & Sly, Anna Calvi, Carach Angren, Pete Crane, Crematory, Croona, Cynical Existence, Dark Fortress, Demons & Wizards, Devil-M, Diabulus In Musica, Die Kreatur, Evanescence & Within Temptation, Hämatom, Humanist, In Extremo, Khost, Mila Mar, Mono Inc. (Top 5 Ranking), My Dying Bride, Nerves, The Night Flight Orchestra, Nightwish, Not My God, Oldschool Union, Ozzy Osbourne, Phase Fatale, Poisoned Hestia, Pyogenesis, Rotersand, Sandkamper, Saturnalia Temple, The Second Sight, Semblant, ShadowhisperS, Shuulak, Sono, Suicide Silence, Sündenrausch, Tarja (Top 5 Ranking), Then Comes Silence, Third Realm, Too Dead To Die, Unzucht (Was wäre wenn ...), Gina Wetzel & Oliver Satyr, Ye Banished Privateers, You’ll Be Mine, Zeit

CD 'Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 216':
01. Nightwish „Noise“
02. Fakeba & John Fryer „Mother Africa“
03. Not My God „Fiction“
04. Salt „We Never Sleep“
05. Croona „Dare To Die“ (Single Version)
06. Third Realm feat. Chiasm „Tides Of The Sea“
07. Chrome Corpse „Detecting Movement (Bewegungserfassung)“
08. Galahad „Our Sweet Lady“
09. XIV Dark Centuries „Ich bin das Feuer“
10. Devil-M „Faszination“
11. Shuulak „Altar Of Gods“
12. Aeons Confer „Impactors“
13. Sandkamper „Himmel und zur Hölle“
14. Poisoned Hestia „The Garden“
15. Nerves „Weltende“
16. Zeit „Hexe“ (Hydroxie Remix)