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Shoegaze / Cold Wave

Two Moons is a musical project founded in 2009 in Italy – it features two artistic souls in one Band: one decisely dark and linked to typical 80's darkwave (Joy Division, Bauhaus… ) and the other more introspective, magnetic, shamanic and devoted to more solar moods of modern electronic sound.
Two Moons offer acid and visionary atmospheres, representations of fragile post-industrial poetry, an imperious psychedelic-pop by artists based in Italy, but with an original British twist. Their first (now deleted) EP "The first Moon" earned them a good reputation in the scene as champions of a "new New Wave". Their first full-length album "Over" appears as a dreamy, wishful album, inspired by the hope of a sense of "beyond" nowadays' decadence. The lyrics conjure up a direct connection to reality, with messages that can be pretty straightforward as well as open to different interpre- tations (a distinguishing feature of Two Moons). The last effort by Two Moons is a sonic trip where the rhythm is marked by electronic ballads with a definite new wave-y and shoegaze attitude!

01. Sex and desire
02. Love is
03. Second Life
04. This is a fire
05. Never More
06. Take me back
07. Destiny's door
08. Look at me