[Label :COLD TRANSMISSION] Gothic-Dark Wave

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Available on viernes 26 junio, 2020

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In 6-panel Digipak.

"Innocence" is how we consider life. It’s a path through the darkness with a light ahead. It’s a permanent solitude mood touched by some fast moment of happiness. "Innocence" is how we want to approach our life.
Every song has a nostalgic taste as when rethink about something you've lost, but at the same time a step forward. Clone Culture a post-punk band from Milano, Italy.
Founded in autumn 2017, they started writing songs and a few months later they released their first single "Love is the Fear of what I do” mixed in London by Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Wire, Einstürzende Neubauten, Nick Cave, Interpol, etc.) who contributed to shape the sound of their first self-titled album released via the German label Lifeforce Records.
2019 was mainly dedicated to their second album "Innocence”. Their sound evolved mainly focussing on bass and guitar lines and slowing down to create the right atmosphere to sustain suffered melodies and lyrics. After publishing the video of their first single "Souvenirs” off the album, they signed to Cold Transmission Music for the release of this wonderful album!

01. Souvenirs
02. Off you go
03. Feed me tonight
04. Defeating Time
05. Тhey shoot, I die
06. You were just like an Illusion
07. Tearing our minds to Pieces
08. Right back to you
09. Demand for it
10. Stop hanging out
11. You are the one