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The Silenced from Helsinki released their first album „Orator“ just around lockdown in Italy… Mixed by Teemu Aalto (i.a. Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum) and mastered by Svante Forsbäck (i.a. Rammstein, Apocalyptica, Amorphis) „Orator“ is a monster with earth pounding riffs and beautifully dry melodies.
The nightmares sent into our living rooms through the news day by day inspires the relentless music of The Silenced. An angry storm that rises from the elements of Groove Metal and Deathcore. Bands such as Sepultura/Soulfly, Machine Head, Heaven Shall Burn and All Shall Perish echo as the heavy foundation and combined with larger than life melodies of Insomnium, the Finnish roots of the band are as present as the brutal riffing. And due to this special mix, this unique kind of music, The Silenced is one of the most interesting newcomers from Finland. Band states: "We are so f#%king excited about this deal and cannot wait for you guys to hear our debut album and see us kick your butt live! This has been long in the making and with Out Of Line Music we are ready to ride, shoot straight and speak the truth.
The beginning is near!!"

01. Resist to exist
02. End Machine
03. The Tyranny of Words
04. Death on the Rise
05. Omnigma
06. Metanoia
07. Arguments of Ignorance
08. Conditioned through Patterns
09. The Semmelweis Reflex
10. Beyond the Pale
11. Slave New World