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Trance Archeology maps a dynamic topography of eight multidimensional interwoven pieces born from the pulse, breath and heartbeat of sonic archeology, tapping into a uniquely symbiotic relationship between rhythm and atmosphere. The elemental core alive in Trance Archeology transmits an experience born anew yet unearthed for the first time; simultaneously it connects the epochs of trance, ceremonial and sacred music expressed through the tools born of today’s technology.
Trance Archeology evolved over the last two years simultaneously with a number of Steve’s other releases and concerts. Steve reflects, “Among all the projects, this album was running deeper. I’d leave it, come back to it, keep working at the site of the archeological dig, exploring, unearthing. The genealogy of the storyline referenced is not ancestral but the genealogy of my art form.
When composing and recording, I’m looking to uncover sounds not heard before yet connected to my history…’ Trance Archeology expresses the genre-defying nature of Steve’s dynamic innovations that focus on a full engagement of the senses. Emotionally stirring activation of the body, mind and spirit, the morphing confluence of soundworlds and rhythmic passages combine to open up a hyperreal sense of the moment. In this case the trance experience is about being fully present and alive in a focused state of expanded conscious awareness — discovering what lies just beyond.

01. Spawn of Time [17:51]
02. Indigo Moon [05:39]
03. Trance Genealogy [15:45]
04. Long Shadow [06:09]
05. Birthpulse [05:20]
06. Firebreather [04:51]
07. Unearthed [06:27]
08. Soul Archeology [11:50]