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(ltd. ed.) Double limited edition with a 10-track bonus disc offering a variety of remixes by Massive Ego, Kant Kino, Crytek, Avarice In Audio, and many more.

Studio album from Mondträume, the Spanish duo that established themselves on the top of the dark electro pop scene next to other acclaimed acts in the likes of De/Vision, Beborn Beton, Melotron, VNV Nation, Seabound, Mesh, etc.
With “Lovers, Sinners & Liars”, Pikotto Vond Mond and Damasius Venys plunge us once again into the noir depth of their abyssal work made of highly melodic synth lines, darkish atmospheres and captivating emotional vocals. Still hovering between slower intimate synth pop songs and more dynamic upbeat club tracks, this new album tells 12 peculiar stories, 12 moments of life you can easily relate to, recognizing personal experiences of love, hate, sadness and death. Aren’t we all lovers, sinners, and liars at times?
Damasius’ so unique and characteristic voice sounds more expressive and melancholic than ever and beautifully merges with Pikotto’s edgy electronic sequences, punchy beats and echoing ghostly synth layers.
A true synth pop chef d’oeuvre featuring both great singles “Still Beating” and “Free”, a tearful cover version of “Lament” (The Cure) plus many new electro pearls to discover without delay!
A must-have for all fans of Depeche Mode, Deine Lakaien, Wolfsheim, Rotersand, etc.

01. All you cannot see
02. Lovers, Sinners & Liars
03. The Center of your World
04. Still beating
05. Wither
06. Free
07. Forever
08. Lament
09. The perfect Lie
10. Nothing
11. Let Me go
12. The End of Liars

CD2 (available only in this 2CD-edition):
01. All you cannot see (Crytek remix)
02. Free (Massive Ego remix)
03. Free (Kant Kino disco remix)
04. Still beating ( X-O-Planet remix)
05. All you cannot see (Avarice In Audio remix)
06. Free (Haedzor dark remix)
07. Free (Evo-Lution remix)
08. All you cannot see (Octolab remix)
09. Free (Any Second remix)
10. Still beating (Elektrostaub remix)