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The German Electropop institution - meanwhile reduced to a duo – is back with their 8 th album in the band history, featuring 11 tracks, including the digital singles “SynthPopBoy” and “Maid of Freedom”, that have successfully paved the way for the album.
It is evident that the parting of former band members had to be accepted leading !distain to new paths, new challenges and highlights. The varied compositions and the well- balanced sound bear an impressive witness thereof. Again, we find catchy single aspirants with a highly addictive nature, but also lyrics with more thoughtfulness than the catchy melodies let you expect. Along these lines, songs like “SynthPopBoy”, “Maid Of Freedom”, “Wake Me Up” and the groovy “Wer im Kreise geht” cosy up to the listener without drifting off into trivial radio pop formats. On the other hand, just listen to the merry, but sincere fable of the “Hirtenmann” or the morbid and real incident at “The Guest House”.
This is far more than some mainstream merchandise off the rack!
“Farewell to the Past” provides a colourful space to pause for a moment and look back, but at the same time lives from the eagerness to reach new shores.

01. The cosmic Revolution
02. Maid of Freedom
03. SynthPopBoy
04. Der Hirtenmann
05. No Aces left
06. Wake Me up
07. Wer im Kreise geht
08. Waiting for a Song
09. Letter to Myself
10. Targets
11. The Guest House