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This CD version will include 7 bonus tracks, four of which are previously unreleased! Two of them are alternative versions from the early 90s, the other two are re-recorded/remixes.

In 1993, Apoptygma Berzerk released the very first Norwegian Electro/EBM album, “Soli Deo Gloria”, and this seminal classic also took Norwegian electronic music out beyond the borders of its country.
This release of “Soli Deo Gloria” not only sparked interest outside of Norway, but also inspired many Norwegian bands to start their own careers (Icon of Coil, Spektralized… to name just two!), exactly 25 years after the original release, “Soli Deo Gloria” will be reissued on LP with the original 13 tracks, now remastered for vinyl from the original tapes for the very first time, giving the listener a more detailed, dynamic and true listening experience.
The 25th. Anniversary Reissue was remastered for vinyl and CD by Morten Lund who did the original CD mastering back in 1993, the reissue LP and CD design are done by Halvor Bodin who did the original CD design back in 1993. In Europe the LP and CD will be released by Tatra Records who released the original album back in 1993, and finally, at the heart of it all, you have Stephan Groth and Per Aksel Lundgreen, the two guys who were the heart of it all back in 1993!

01. Like Blood from the Beloved (Part 1)
02. Bitch
03. Burnin' Heretic (Album Version)
04. Stitch
05. Walk with Me
06. Backdraft
07. ARP (808 Edit)
08. Spiritual Reality
09. Skyscraping (Schizophreniac)
10. All Tomorrows Parties
11. The Sentinel
12. Ashes to Ashes '93
13. Like Blood from the Beloved (Part 2) CD Bonus-Tracks:
14. Borrowed Time (Club Mix)
15. Burning Heretic (Crisp Version)
16. The Sentinel (Nun of Your Business Version by Blackhouse)
17. Ashes to Ashes (Guitar Version)
18. ARP
19. Ashes to Ashes (4-Track Version)
20. Backdraft (Sarpsborg Synth Version)