[Label :SONIC SEDUCER] Gothic-Dark Wave

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In Gerlan. This Sonic Seducer Annual Review 2017 comes with Leaves Eyes in the cover.
Includes the exclusive
EP "Across The Sea" by Leaves Eyes and the second part of the official M'Era Luna Film 2017 on DVD, moderated by Dr. med. Mark Benecke.

In articles by
2nd Face, Aeverium, AFI, Alphaville, ASP, Avatarium, The Beauty Of Gemina, Blutengel, Cellar Darling, Centhron, Cephalgy, Cigarettes After Sex, Clan Of Xymox, Cradle Of Filth, The Crüxshadows, Deine Lakaien, Depeche Mode, Diary Of Dreams, Dive, Dool, Dunkelschön, Edenbridge, The Eden House, Eden weint im Grab, Editors, Eisbrecher, Elane, Empathy Test, Evanescence, Exit Eden, Extramensch, Faey, Fiona, Fix8:Sëd8, Funker Vogt, Godex, Gothminister, Holygram, In Extremo, Jyrki 69, Kant Kino, Kaunan, Klez.e, KMFDM, Lacrimosa, Lea Porcelain, Leaves Eyes, Les Discrets, Letzte Instanz, Lord Of The Lost, MajorVoice, Megaherz, Merciful Nuns, M.I.N.E, Mono Inc., Mortiis, Motionless In White, Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen, Myrkur, Nachtgeschrei, NamNamBulu, Nine Inch Nails, NordarR, Gary Numan, Oberer Totpunkt, Oomph!, The Other, Palast, Pale Waves, Pharmakon, The Pussybats, Randolph s Grin, Rammstein, Nicole Sabouné, Saint Astray, Saltatio Mortis, Scheuber, [:SITD:], Slowdive, Soror Dolorosa, SPECTRA*paris, Stahlmann, Subway To Sally, Suicide Commando, SynthAttack, Then Comes Silence, T.O.Y., Umbra Et Imago, Versengold, Visions Of Atlantis, VNV Nation, Welle: Erdball, Chelsea Wolfe, Xandria, X Marks The Pedwalk, X-O Planet, Ye Banished Privateers, Zola Jesus, Zynic

MCD 'Across The Sea' by Leaves Eyes:
01. Across The Sea
02. Across The Sea (Sonic Acoustic Version)
03. Across The Sea (Instrumental Version)

DVD 'M'Era Luna 2017 Der Film, part 2':
- Schandmaul - Bunt und nicht braun
- Leæther Strip - Body Machine Body
- Darkhaus - Hour Of Need
- Feuerschwanz - Sex is Muss
- NamNamBulu - Memories
- Ost+Front - Sternenkinder
Solar Fake, Blutengel, Covenant, Megaherz, White Lies, Unzucht, DAF, The Crüxshadows
M'Era Luna 2017
Videoclips von Lacrimosa, Noisuf-X, The Beauty Of Gemina, etc
Evanescence - Interview
Leaves Eyes - Interview
Roterfeld - Interview
Umbra Et Imago - Interview
Hörbuchspecial: Hörbuch-Ausschnitt Lovecraft Letters