[Label :SONIC SEDUCER] Gothic-Dark Wave

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In German. With Marilyn Manson in the cover plus CD 'Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 192', 23 tracks (14 audio + 9 in mp3).
Special John Sinclair, Wolfgang Hohlbein, Dr. Mark Benecke, M'Era Luna 2017, In Extremo (Burgentour), Feuertal Festival.
Artícles / interviews about 11 Grams, Marc Almond, Tori Amos, ASP, Barabaz, Karl Bartos, The Beauty Of Gemina, Belgrad, Cradle Of Filth, Crematory, The Crüxshadows, DAF, The Dark Red Seed, dArtagnan, Dead Man Recovering, Diablo Blvd, Diary Of Dreams, Dunkelschön, Eisbrecher, Enslaved, Exit Eden, The Fright, Grave Pleasures, Eimly Haines, The Horrors, Hurts, IAMX, Kadavar, La Scaltra, Lord Of The Lost, Lucifer's Aid, Marilyn Manson, Myrkur, Nachtblut, Near Earth Orbit, Gary Numan, Phosphor, Projekt 26, Pvris, Randolph's Grin, Satyricon, Slave Republic, Soror Dolorosa, Then Comes Silence, Karl Thesing, Tricky, Voodoma, Chelsea Wolfe, Your Life On Hold, Zola Jesus...

Tracklist "Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 192":
01. Cradle Of Filth - Achingly Beautiful
02. The Fright - Oblivion
03. Near Earth Orbit - Lucifer Rising
04. Randolph s Grin - Inorganic (Erdling Reinterpretation) [exklusiv]
05. Emily Haines & The Soft Skeletons - Fatal Gift
06. Geneviéve Pasquier - I Wanna (Short Version)
07. La Scaltra - Cantata
08. Velvet Kills - Fill Me Out
09. Your Life On Hold - Exorcism
10. Voodoma - Ghostlight
11. Container 47 - Sinfo
12. ELM - Wapenrustning (Remixed By Mildreda)
13. Implant - The Phone Call
14. Avarice In Audio - Lie To Me (Flammpunkt Remix)
+ 9 tracks in MP3: Dan Brown: Origin John Sinclair: Oculus(feat. Wolfgang Hohlbein) John Sinclair: Brandmal(feat. Dr. Mark Benecke)