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(ltd. ed.) 2015. Sensual, enticing, sexy – on the monumental dark-Pop-single 'Sing', Blutengel lure the listener into mesmerizing worlds of erotically-tinged mysticism.
'Sing!' When sacred choirs tingle the skin, gripping tribal rhythms stir up the blood, Chris Pohl's soothingly deep voice sings alluring accounts of the dark sides of love and lust and Blutengel's miniature epic climaxes in a gigantically anthemic chorus, there is no way resisting this maelstrom of seduction and sweet melancholy. On the new single, the Berlin-based hit-wonder plays to all his strengths and takes the listener into a sensual world of atmospheric Gothic-elements, powerful electronic sounds and darkly-tinged Art-Pop. 'Sing' is exciting, sinister and new, while still retaining the trademark Blutengel-feeling – a bittersweet appetizer for new album 'Omen', due for release in February'15.
The MCD contains the title song plus two exclusive remixes (including an alchemusical interpretation from Meinhard) and the new song 'Starkeeper' in an exclusive single edit.

01. Sing
02. Sing (Fear in Motion-Electro Mix)
03. Sing (Meinhard Alchemusic Version)
04. Starkeeper (Single Edit)