CLOCK TICKS ON 2004-2014


[Label :NO CUT] Gothic-Dark Wave

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Mono Inc., a quartet arose shortly after the beginning of this millennium and, in the space of 10 years and 7 albums, wove themselves into the hearts of thousands. Many critics and journalists still call the stellar ascent of the Lady & 3 Gentlemen from Hamburg a Blitzkrieg, but the reality that lies behind their success is long-term hard graft, numerous albums, EPs and singles, and countless concerts.
So reaching this point of significance in the Wave/Gothic-Rock landscape is actually a pretty logical outcome.
With 'The Clock ticks On' the band is now pushing through another door: 16 'All-Time-Favorites' appear on CD1 followed by 16 acoustic tracks on CD2.
And some of these acoustic interpretations sound so unique they could easily be mistaken for originals. Whether you describe MONO INC. as Alternative, Wave or Indie this superb 2CD collection of 32 songs navigates a journey through galaxies the band have traversed over the last 10 years.

CD1 'The Clock ticks on':
01. Arabia (2012)
02. Gothic Queen (2009)
03. Symphony of Pain (2011)
04. In My Heart (2007)
05. Voices of Doom (2009)
06. Seligkeit (2013)
07. Get some Sleep (2008)
08. Temple of the Torn (2007)
09. My Deal with God (2013)
10. This is the Day (2008)
11. After the War (2012)
12. Nimmermehr (2013)
13. Revenge (2011)
14. From the Ashes (2012)
15. The Hole (2004/2014)
16. Superman (2004/2014)

CD2 ‘Alive & Acoustic’:
01. Arabia
02. The Best of You
03. Somberland
04. In My Heart
05. Voices of Doom
06. Seligkeit
07. Symphony of Pain
08. Get some Sleep
09. Potter‘s Field
10. Temple of the Torn
11. Revenge
12. Twice in Life
13. After the War
14. This is the Day
15. Gothic Queen
16. My Deal with God