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6 years after 'Krataia Asterope' (2007) and many Live dates in Europe, the Greeks led by the duet Spyros Giasafakis & Evi Stergiou are back with a new album: 'Psychostasia' (the "weighing" of souls by Gods).
Since its origins the band uses instruments recreated from the Greek Antiquity: lyre, pandoura, double flute ... During their shows, the 3 singing Nymphs wear masks and interpret bewitching ancient danses. ‘Psychostasia’ takes us into the journey of a Life, the journey of a Soul. The new songs are perfectly sculpted for Live shows with epic and powerful riffs, hypnotic dances celebrating the Moon and superb polyphonic choirs reminding the Balkan choirs of Goran Bregovic. Daemonia Nymphe rises in intensity and now is part of the essentials of Pagan Folk scene.
Recorded in London, Athens and Thessalonik with contributions of Peter Ulrich (ex Dead Can Dance), Dimitra Galani (famous Greek singer), D. Stefanova (Head of Bulgarian choir in London), Luka Aubri (ex-Omnia), Peter Jaques (Stellamara), etc.

01. Zephyros¹s Enlightening Anemos
02. Nemesis Rhamnousia
03. Thracian Gaia
04. Selene¹s awakening Horos
05. Politeia of the Unnamed
06. Deo’s Erotas
07. Nature’s Metamorphosis
08. Enchanting Oneiro
09. Psychostasia
10. Hypnos