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Re-release of the Ceramic Hello's seminal 1981 LP, "The Absence of a Canary". A long-time cult favourite among fans of obscure '80s synthpop, this LP remains highly sought-after by "mini- mal synth" vinyl collectors.
The LP has been painstakingly remastered, transferred from perhaps the last sealed copy of this LP in existence. A reissue for this album was planned already in 2002. Ten years + one sold-out reissue on Germany's Vinyl-On-Demand later, this exciting Canadian minimal synth classic is finally available again.
Ceramic Hello was formed in 1980 by Brett Wickens, in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Having just left future- Canadian-pop-sensations the Spoons, Wickens teamed up with Roger Humphreys, recording just one 7" single, followed quickly by "The Absence Of A Canary", in 1981. The music was inspired by the contemporary synthpop sounds coming out of the UK (OMD, John Foxx, Gary Numan, et al), but the production was deci- dedly more lo-fi, and combined with Humphreys' neo-classical contributions, the result was a unique electronic pop sound.
Selling 1000 copies of Ceramic Hello in 1980 was no easy task, but appreciation for the record grew steadily over the next 25 years, with copies of the original LP eventually selling for hundreds of $ on Ebay.
Even Vinyl-On-Demand's 2006 reissue has long since sold out, and now commands nearly as much money as the original LP. Although this Suction Records release won't be the first official reissue of the LP, it is the first time it will be reissued in its original single-LP format, with the original artwork.
It is also the first time that the LP will be re- issued in CD format.
Both vinyl and CD editions will also come with a fold-out poster, containing various Ceramic Hello press clippings - interviews, reviews, and college radio chartings - culled from Wickens' personal archives.

01. The Diesquad
02. Ex / Im
03. Climatic Nouveaux
04. Conversation between Units
05. Geometry
06. Staticarnival
07. Symphony of Shudders
08. A grey Man
09. Footsteps in the Fog
10. Ringing in the Sane
11. Trio
12. Gestures
13. Little Tune (Warlike)
14. Dig that crazy Beat