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Two years after 'Utopia', Candy Schlüer of S.K.E.T. returns with his second album. “Evilution” is a statement in his very own way, mastered again by DJ Hidden, whom he credits as a major influence, which is true in the sense that 16Pad Noise Terrorist presents Drum’n’Bass with a strong industrial, dark and experimental edge.
Candy is concerned with contradictions, the underlying question is how we develop, if we just keep on going as usual – well, you guessed it, evolution turns foul, and the result is “Evilution”. The album also establishes strong ties to the debut, whose album title now appears as a track title – as well as it’s antithesis, the dystopia. Dystopian visions actually seem the 16Pad Noise Terrorist’s preoccupation, but if “Utopia” was an Orwellian boot stamping in your face, “Evilution” depicts a more refined “Brave New World” with all its stupefying soma effects - even though the stench of books set on fire at “Fahrenheit 451” is omnipresent. Generally, the tempo is somehow curbed, and even melodies find their way into the tracks. But don’t worry – there’s enough tough Darkstep to be found, and the body fluids already start to warm with “Wasp”, and are kept boiling throughout the a lbum with “Le Petit Consommateur”, “We Are All Junkies” and so on. The album closes with “Darkest Utopia”, generating a dehuman- ized, hostile atmosphere with metallic sounds and shredded speech bits. “Evilution” is not easily digested for sure, but it’s well worth exploring, it provides food for thought, but also a vibe for moving. Candy Schlüer proves he has defined a distinct style of Drum’n’Bass for 16PNT and will earn tons of due respect for his project with his sophomore album!

01. Forwerk
02. Wasp
03. Humback Symphopia
04. Le Petit Consommateur
05. Abyss
06. Metamorphosis
07. We are all Junkies
08. Planned Obsolescence
09. Dystopia
10. XY
11. Darkest Utopia