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Our favorite Belgian time-travelers Len Lemeire, Jan D'Hooghe and Jean-Luc De Meyer just returned from their last intergalactic mission. 32 Crash are back on Earth!
Front 242's lead-vocalist and his gang lead us through this 20-track album, depicting a detailed state of the World, in the year 2112. Aliens on Earth.
A destroyed space colony. Telepathic guides warning of cosmic threats. Complex machinery replicating human life-form. Toxic rains over entire continents. Unexplained shifts of paradigms and quantum leaps. Random time travel. Artichoke sauce and speculoos. Professional robot-hunters. Trillions of flies.
Invisibility discovered. Flourishing DAL music scene. The chemical value of the human body.
With this new 'Y2112Y' full length album, 32 Crash opens the door to a parallel 'music' universe where upbeat futuristic electronic tunes led by the unmatchable vocal talent of Jean-Luc De Meyer crash into electric wave vibes with a fresh minimal retro punk touch. A beautiful piece of art on which 3 human beings managed to bridge futuristic technologies with sonic experimentation, an extravagant concept and a strong vocal performance. An album that breathes freshness and freedom and reminds us that art takes another dimension when made with the heart and a solid sense of sarcasm and humor… Simply uplifting!
32 Crash will be on tour in our galaxy this winter – book your seat on the shuttle!

01 100Y
02 Aliens on Earth
03 Dawning Sun
04 What happened here
05 The Man who came from later
06 Into the Hole
07 Impressionist Piece for a free Planet
08 Hyperreal
09 Kryptonically Yours
10 Elegy for Himself
11 Human Decomposition
12 Not quite Human
13 Perpetuum Mobile
14 xn+1=a*xn*(1-xn)
15 Lasercutter
16 The Attack on ZA4
17 Neighbours
18 MelangOhlm’s Hit and Run
19 A tiny Foil of Oil
20 The Ol-Lesar Mass