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ASP – the complete Schwarzer Schmetterling cycle I-V. The ultimate retrospective. We danced, we burned, we bled. For years and years, we witnessed the battle between Asp and the Black Butterfly, gazed from the Dark Tower into the land, descended into the dark depths and felt the horror of the void. We cried, laughed, hoped and despaired, side by side. For twelve years now, we are under the spell of a project that influenced, changed and awakened the German Gothic scene like almost no one before. The records are unheard-of gems, the live concerts intense moments of a close bond between band and audience, the musician's attitude matchlessly fan-friendly and passionate. The project in question is, how can it be else, ASP, above all proving one thing since 1999: Honesty will pay off. While the fan community eagerly awaits new material by mastermind and vocal wizard Asp in guise of the new album "FREMD (Fremder Zyklus, Teil 1)", the complete Schwarzer Schmetterling cycle is getting re-released – as an ultimate retrospective in the elaborate shape of an Earbook, again igniting Asp's fight with the creature within himself. Even the bare facts sound impressive: - 10 CD's in the Earbook, way more than 100 tracks (111 to be precise…)! - The entire Schmetterling cycle on 6 CD's - An extensive collection of the related, sold out or rare single on 4 further CD's - A 112 pages strong hardcover book (280 x 280 mm) The book comes with noble art print onto a luxurious, wood-free 150g paper with elaborate thread-stitching Graphics of the complete Schmetterling cycle and accompanying singles – united for the first time in a format worthy these picture realms (280 x 280 mm) A more than worthy monument for the creature that accompanied, hunted and haunted Asp and us all these years. United for the very first time in one collection, we can relive Asp's discovery of, fight with and triumph over the winged demon, expanded by an impressive total of four albums thronged with rarities, remixes, live tracks, cover versions and rare songs that enrich the fights on the battlefield of his soul for more than one forgotten facet. But even though the era of the Black Butterfly seems to have ended: The fascinating story will never be forgotten, the wounds will never heal completely. If Edgar Allan Poe would have made Rock music, it most probably would have sounded like ASP…