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Abacus, a German-English Progressive rock music playing band was founded in 1971, publishing four albums on the Polydor Record label, produced in Giorgio Moroder's Musicland in Munich. They were celebrated on numerous rock festivals being a steady institution next to Emerson, Lake  & Palmer, Santana et Pink Floyd. Musical differences for forthcoming productions were decisive for the band's break in 1976. They reported back in 1980 with an EMI deal, but were forced by their publishing house to write German words for their next production. So they split again in 1983 after having done just one single in English. In 1997 at last Abacus met again to do some unpublished songs for their fifth long waited album "Fire Behind Bars". This is a special project led by the multi-instrumentist Jürgen Wimpelberg (Vocals, keyboards, guitars & programming), helped by numerous guests, let's mention Robert Valet and Peter Terhoeven from Solar Project.
In a vein near Genesis, Greenslade or Pink Floyd, Abacus offers a modern and attractive Progressive rock.
Published in the year 2010, "Destiny" features six long brand new songs, carefully worked-out and produced, due to the long past career of the band. Let's also mention that Robert Valet and Peter Terhoeven, both from Solar Project, also guest on this one. Not to be missed!

01 - When I Depart (7'30)
02 - Promised Land (6'53)
03 - One More Embrace (8'01)
04 - Destiny (10'08)
05 - The Light (13'21)
06 - The Fight (8'24)