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First edition comes in Digipak and including a 9-tracks Bonus CD!
The most promising Swedish Electro Pop newcomer returns!
On 'Take Cair Paramour', Ashbury Heights shine with a distinctly matured vision of the 'New Wave 2.0' sound. The duo spices up those breezy beats and melodies that defined Eighties electronic Pop music with a lot of timely low end “oomph”, a pinch of fucked-up zeitgeist, the androgynous sex-appeal of Bowie and his lot and a healthy dose of teenage angst and rebellion, graced with a compact and airtight mix by sound wizard John Fryer.
'Take Cair Paramour' has become a feast of catchy tunes with elaborate arrangements, thrilling male-/female-alternations and a perfect balance of pathos and Pop. The two Swedes do not write mere songs – Ashbury Heights are writing anthems!
The first pressing comes with a bonus disc that contains exclusive, unreleased songs, alternative versions and remixes. Torch songs for a new generation...

01 Anti Ordinary
02 Beautiful Scum
03 Scars of a Lighthouse
04 I can kill you so easily
05 Hope
06 Crescendo
07 Shades of Black
08 The Ashes in her Breath
09 Night Creature
10 Medicine
11 Dancer's Nocturne
12 Kingdom Confession
13 Unbearable Beauty
14 Invisible Man Tracks

01 Invisible Man - Electro Remix
02 Dark Clouds gather over Vanity Fair [Soundtrack from the short film Defiant Skies]
03 Shades of Black - Charriere Remix
04 Sensual Nothing - Exclusive Track
05 Unbearable Beauty - DeLorean Remix
06 Unbearable Beauty - Twisted Remix
07 Unbearable Beauty - Technological Remix
08 Traffic - TCP demo 2008
09 The Velvets - TCP Demo 2008