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The new Belio presents a collection of incredible artists whose work represent the Dystopia that somehow we live daily. An artistic view of current issues such as abandonment (special photo section dedicated to "Urban Exploration"), media manipulation, social problems, environmental disasters, economic crisis, etc. In it you can find articles about Kenji Yanobe, Valerie Hegarty, Jean-Pierre Roy, Jonathan Schipper, Twin Cities Brightest, Jeff Bark and Miguel Brieva. At INKjection section you have the dossiers of the artists Midnight Digital, IEMZA, Werke and Floro.
List of artists published on EXP section: Alejandro Chairez, Angel Baides, Aryz, Axtor Espeluzland, Carles García, Carles Marsal, Cless, Craze One, Darío García, El Euro, Félix Ramos, Fernando Moreno, Herr Müller, I Am I Can, Iván Sanjuán, Jean-Marc Emy, Jimena Ramírez, Juan García, Leire Urbeltz, Luca Napoli, Marco de Gregorio, Marie B. Cros, Marlene Krause, Mazeik, Michele Facchinetti, Mr. Byron, Pedro Oyarbide, Prozak, Rebeca Varela, Sagana Bouffard, Take The Red Pill, Veronica Solomon and Vladimir Ivlev.
List of artists published on FLOG section: Alexelli, Careless, Carles Marsal, Chio Romero, Daniel Calatayud, Daniel Martín, Dennis Gerbeckx, Diego Diez, Foantje, Geso, Hodei Torres, Javier IA, John Breton, José Trias, Liis Roden, NeQo, Mikel Aramendia, Nicolas Lalau, Pablo Silva, Rubén Núñez, Sofía de Juan and Steve Hoodicof.