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XII Alfonso got to be one of the 'greatest' bands of international Progressive rock, thanks to their first album issued in 1996 and called 'The Lost Frontier'.
In 'Under' once more, the band creates a very original instrumental piece of work, seventeen musical fragments mixing symphonic, neo-classic, experimental and French popular music. XII Alfonso can't be linked with anything else, even if its musical approach has some common points with Isildurs Bane for instance.
Fully instrumental, this opus includes many sounds, noises and voices. One may regognize the famous speech by reverend Martin Luther King, whom the band pays tribute. Musically speaking, the Camel influences from the beginning are now far away, in favour of a more personal approach.
And that's with great pleasure that one welcomes the return of the lyrical guitar parts courtesy of Philippe Claerhout, both electric and acoustic. To be discovered!

01 - Under Lifetime (5'16)
02 - Under Evolution (3'10)
03 - Under Knowledge (2'50)
04 - Under Progress (6'28)
05 - Under Memories (3'06)
06 - Under Knowledge - Reprise (4'08)
07 - Under Bark (2'43)
08 - Under Atom (7'18)
09 - Under Sky (5'28)
10 - Under Bark - Reprise (3'32)
11 - Under Lifetime (4'18)
12 - Under Stones (4'50)
13 - Under Dream (I. Part One) (5'10)
14 - Under Dream (II. Part Two) (4'25)