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Another hot date with the history of Italian new wave: Neon, in the Year of Our Lord 1979, with Marcello Michelotti on vocals, accompanied by Stefano Fuochi.
At the mixer: Maurizio Fasolo and Massimo Michelotti, soon after to be known as Pankow.
Halfway between hard goth and elegant neo-Futurism, with the determination needed to metabolize and mould into something new, the influences of Kraftwerk, Harmonia, Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire.
Oscillator is the missing link between Neon and all that came before.
This is the radioactive embryo of a creature called Neon. Before their debut single. Before their consecration on the covers of Italian music magazines. Before their journey into gothic electro-rock. Before becoming legends. An experiment that at the time may have seemed like just a rough outline, but that now sounds like a taste of the micro-electronic future to come.
Almost three decades all wound onto one simple cassette tape, a fetish item of the pre-digital era, but now that the future has arrived, we are obliged to press play.

01 Neon 1002
02 Neon 1039
03 Neon 0610
04 Neon 0712
05 Neon 0554
06 Neon 0650
07 Neon 0832