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The 'Bad Boys from Berlin' have never really been good at keeping things small. Bearing this in mind, it seems almost like a logical conclusion that Agonoize should be laying the spiritual foundation stone to their very own church in order to celebrate the release of their new long playing album, aptly titled 'Sieben.'
Thus, the opener of their newest, highly club-friendly, electronic gorefest is a rhythm-infested statement of faith in their very own 'Church of Agonoize.' And rest assured that the trio is not playing things tamely on the rest of the album, either.
When comparing it to the previous album, “999”, one will immediately notice that the aggro-level has been raised by a few degrees. And on the lyrical side, the guys are again delving into the dark sides of human nature, happily crossing any imaginable border of political correctness with a broad smirk on their faces.
It is refreshing that Agonoize never make the mistake to take themselves or their subjects too seriously, though… even the nastiest subject is always presented with an ironic twist and tongue-in-cheek- humour.
'Sieben' delivers a full load of excellent club fodder of the harder variety: catchy, powerful … and straight in your face! The highly sought-after Club hit 'Koprolalie' from the long-deleted 'Ultraviolent Six' is also included … and tops off this solid Electro onslaught together with the new floor burner 'Femme Fatale' – both tracks are club anthems that are not for the faint of heart!
And on the seventh day, the CD player filled the world with Bass!
And Agonoize looked upon their creation and saw that it was good. Join the Church of Agonoize now!

01 C.O.A.
02 I against Me
03 New World Disorder
04 Femme Fatale
05 Last Days on Earth
06 Gottlos
07 Deleted
08 Breakfast with Bundy
09 Unchained
10 Suizid
11 Knick Knäck/Slashed Open
12 Koprolalie Tracks

01 Viva la muerte
02 A crippled mind
03 Intoxication
04 Opus Dei
05 Zero, Zero, Eight, One
06 Drowning in Isolation
07 Paranoid2007