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De/Vision has been among the leading representatives of its genre for almost twenty years and their constant open-mindedness towards new influences and forms of expression is without doubt one of the fundamental factors in the recipe for success for this band!
Their last year’s ‘Best of’ album contained a wide range of exceptionally gifted pop anthems, including the exclusive "Love will find a way", recorded specifically for the compilation and Thomas and Steffen's first real compositional collaboration with their production team Schumann & Bach. This new collaboration worked that well, that ‘Noob’ was recorded entirely by this tried and tested gang of four. It also explains the title, which Steffen borrowed from computer gaming jargon, where it’s used to describe a greenhorn gamer, or as a derogatory term for an experienced gamer who's made a beginner's mistake. "We had just written and produced the whole album for the first time together with our producers, which was a totally new experience. In this context, I found the term 'Noob' pretty exciting and reinterpreted it for us."
The pleasing result of this new working method is an album that sparkles with lightly shimmering pop gems. Songs such as ‘Death of Me’, ‘What you deserve’, ‘Living fast Dying young’, the promo single ‘Flavour of the week’ or the new version of ‘Love will find a way’ flow through the aural tract with invigorating lightness, De/vision immersing themselves in melancholy dream worlds with ‘See what I see’, and above all this hovers a nostalgic retro feeling that brings to mind the band's musical roots. Inspired by the cool remixes that Rotoskop contributed to the ‘Best of …’ release, Noob sees De/vision embark to some extent on a journey back to the 80s, a time of busy experimentation in the resurrected electro scene, merging pop, rock, ambient etc. elements. The unostentatious artwork featuring a neon logo can definitely be considered a reminiscence of that pioneering era of electronic pop music, yet at the same time De/vision have once again succeeded on "Noob" in insistently getting to the heart of a number of brilliant tracks in a pleasantly reduced style with modern as well as classical quotations. Tracklist to be revealed soon.