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Artefacts, the second album by Auto Aggression, also features Eskil Simonsson on one track! The second album from Lukas Schneider wanders from ambient to club-compatible, mixing with industrial, urban, and pop, all while retaining his own unique aesthetic. Somewhere in between Haujobb, William Orbit and minimal electro, Auto Aggression have found their niche: "the building blocks for many tracks on “Artefacts” were just that: artefacts....sound fragments and debris generated by digital manipulation became the basis for their own tracks." While the album contains the rich diversity of electronic structures for which Auto Aggression is known, this time the focus is more on the sounds, that is to say, on the surface structure of the tracks, which in turn evoke a range of emotions in the listener - which in turn become artefacts themselves. "Every form of manmade sound is actually an artefact, and so do these artefacts create certain emotions in the listener, although they were originally nothing more than digital byproducts," says Lukas about the album's underlying concept. But what sounds like musical chaos theory comes across as much more structured than you might expect. And unlike so many concept albums "Artefacts" proves itself to be not only a polished composition, but it seduces the listener with a danceable combination of sound, structure, and melody - much as a well-designed building marries form and function.

01 Meta
02 R-A
03 Shallow Things
04 Blame
05 Mechanical Sun
06 The Sky Is Not Yours
07 Speed
08 Words
09 A Thousand Fires
10 Scape 1
11 Digital Woods