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First edition in digipak with 8 pages booklet. After the controversial album ‘Matter+Form’, there are no ambient ‘hangers’ on here – just straight in your face electro-hymns, back to the quality of their ‘breakthrough’ album 'Praise the Fallen'! VNV Nation continue to leap from strength to strength and have emerged as a powerhouse in the alternative electronic and industrial scenes. Their unique blend of contemporary electronic styles, thematic lyrics and emotive vocals ranges from hard-hitting modern electronic beats to haunting ballads and symphonic orchestrations.
In April 2007, the band is set to release, their next album Judgement, a release that promises to be, their most powerful and unique album ever. Having already broken the boundaries, between electronic, industrial and other alternative music styles on Matter and Form, VNV Nation take this to another level on their new album. The album draws on a variety of styles and influences resulting in a sound that is a collision of energy, emotion, insight, past and future, while still expressing those unique qualities that make VNV Nation's music unique.
Judgement is an album of contrasts and comparisons. Lyrically, it is range of interpretations of the album title and ultimately, an analysis of today's world, its values, ethics, psyche and direction as well as where each of us is going within our own life and search for answers. "The Farthest Star" and "Carry You" provide anthemic, hopeful and powerful outlooks on the world we live in. The fast paced, pounding bass-line, melody, synth guitar sounds and Ronan Harris's thought provoking vocals ring through on "Nemesis" as one of VNV's most aggressive anthems (almost reminding of legendary Nitzer Ebb!) to date as the line ‘Judgement Day's not coming, soon enough’ sums up.
"Testament", could be described as an electronic-indie Anthem. "Momentum" adds a dark industrial-trance flavor to the album and the band's ever-expanding repertoire. The omniscient "Descent" hits the listener hard with dark rhythms while its lyrics describe complete devastation, giving the yin to the yang of the ethereal ballad "Secluded Spaces", a track that makes you feel like nothing in the world could be more beautiful. The album is completed with the ballad "Illusion" and the tracks "Prelude" and "As it fades" which seem more like the opening and closing title music to a great film than the start and end of an album of musical work. As a whole, every piece flows and ties together to result in an ever-changing album that makes you think and move.

01 Prelude
02 The Farthest Star
03 Testament
04 Descent
05 Momentum
06 Nemesis
07 Secluded Spaces
08 Illusion
09 Carry You
10 As It Fades