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[Label :E-WAVE] Tecno Pop

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After the first 'Best of'-album 'Zehn', released in 1998, there will finally be another collection by the leading German Electro/Synthpop act, that contains an essential selectrion of tracks spanning the period from 1998 to 2006. Also included is one totally new track, especially recorded for this release: 'Love Will Find A Way'.

NOTE: Once this first limited edition will be sold out, it will be made available as ‘regular edition’ with CD1 only!

01. Foreigner [radio edit]
02. The End [radio club edit]
03. Strange Affection [album edit]
04. Heart-Shaped Tumor [radio edit]
05. Drifting Sideways [radio cut]
06. Unputdownable [single edit]
07. Love will find a way [previously unreleased]
08. The Day’s not done [album]
09. Miss You more [radio cut]
10. I’m not dreaming of You [album]
11. We Fly…Tonight [radio edit]
12. Still unknown [album]
13. Lonely day [radio cut]
14. Aimee [album]
15. Freedom [album short cut]
16. Digital Dream [album]
17. 6 Feet Underground [album]

CD2 'Bonustracks':
01. Heart-Shaped Tumor [straight mix]
02. I’m not dreaming of You [extended club version]
03. Digital Dream [Mesh classical cupboard cut]
04. Still Unknown [Andrew Sega mix]
05. The End [extended club version]
06. Summer Sun [Out of sight out of mind mix]
07. Miss You more [Telekommander mix]
08. Drifting Sideways [T.O.Y.-Toburger Wald mix]
09. Aimee [Intuation remix]
10. Breathless
11. Turn Me On [Wave In Head mix]
12. Sadness [The sad death of mix]
13. Star crossed Lovers [in a black hole mix]
14. The Day’s not done [Scopehead mix]