[Label :CAUSTIC] Dark Folk

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Coming in marvellous digi-BOX (A5/DVD-sized). The long-awaited second album by one of the most outstanding bands emerging from the mediaeval folk/heavenly voices scene in Spain! The new album by this project, born from the ashes of Ordo Funebris, was inspired by ‘Arcadia’, a mystical land filled with ancient woods and deep lakes dreamed by the Mother Moon's embrace, where all the winds dance close to their memories and the sunrises cry endlessly like golden tears shed in the middle of the autumnal hug... Elfish voices, powerful percussions, medieval/neo-classical compositions with flutes and lots of orchestrations will take you deep inside this new dream from the hand of Narsilion... For followers of Arcana, Dargaard, Dark Sanctuary and J.R. R.Tolkien kingdoms...