(ltd. ed. 200) For its 30th anniversary this extremely beautiful box presents Lacrimosa from all sides!

Content of this limited box:

  • 3 CD's
  • LACRIMOSA "Wall Calendar 2020" 30x30cm, 13 Pages plus Cover Sheet
  • LACRIMOSA "Flag" 90x150cm, 100% Polyester
  • LACRIMOSA "Memory Game" 27 Motives, 54 Cards, 57x57mm
  • LACRIMOSA "Chrom Sticker" 90x90x0,08mm

Over three CDs, with a total playing time of three hours and forty minutes, the legendary 25th anniversary concert immerses the listener in Lacrimosa's incomparable live atmosphere. Experiences the most extraordinary interpretations of various Lacrimosa songs by such great Artists as Mono Inc., Lord Of The Lost, Lacrimas Profundere and many more.
Gets a deep look into the private archive of Tilo Wolff, who publishes here for the first time piano demos from the very first days of Lacrimosa.
The box also contains a Lacrimosa flag modelled on those used at many concerts. For the little ones among you, there is a memory game by Anne Nurmi and Tilo Wolff; a wall calendar for the year 2021 is included and a Lacrimosa sticker made of chrome. All this comes packed in a high-quality, super deluxe hand-numbered box with special UV-printing and all its contents will remain Exclusive to this Box!

CD1 "Live 2015":
01. Seele in Not“ ("Clamor" 1990/„Angst“ 1991)
02. Tränen der Sehnsucht“ („Einsamkeit“ 1992)
03. Crucifixio“ („Satura“ 1993)
04. Schakal“ („Inferno“ 1995)
05. Not every pain hurts“ („Stille“ 1997)
06. Alleine zu zweit” (“Elodia” 1999)
07. Liebesspiel“ („Fassade“ 2001)
08. Durch Nacht und Flut“ („Echos“ 2003)
09. Kelch der Liebe“ („Lichtgestalt“ 2005)
10. A.U.S.“ (Sehnsucht“ 2009)
11. Rote Sinfonie“ („Revolution“ 2012“)
12. Kaleidoskop“ („Hoffnung“ 2015)

CD2 "Cover Up":
01. LORD OF THE LOST “Bresso”
03. YENZ LEONHARDT “Schakal”
04. LOVE LIKE BLOOD “Copycat”
05. CANTERRA “No blind eyes can see”
06. ATROCITY “Siehst Du mich im Licht?”
07. GLEIS 8 „Ich verlasse heut‘ Dein Herz“
08. JP feat. ISABEL SOARES „Senses“
09. LORD OF THE LOST “Malina”
10. MONO INC. “Lichtgestalt” (2005)
11. SEMBLANT “If the world stood still a day” (2012)
12. EVIL MASQUERADE “Revolution” (2012)
13. LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE “The unknown colour” (2015)
14. KARTAGON “After the storm” (2017)
15. LORD OF THE LOST „Black wedding day“ (2017)

CD3 "Versionen":
01. Reissende Blicke (Piano Demo from March 2nd 1991)
02. Der Geschmack der Schmerzen (Piano Demo from January 15th 1992)
03. Versuchung (Demo Version from March 10th 1993)
04. Diener eines Geistes (Rehearsal Room from November 9th 1993)
05. Der letzte Hilfeschrei (Live in Hamburg from November 17th 1993)
06. Seele in Not (Live in Hamburg from November 17th 1993)
07. Schakal (Keyboard Demo from April 22nd 1994)
08. Alles Lüge (Live and Unplugged in Lübeck from January 13th 1996)
09. Mein zweites Herz (Club Mix from September 28th 1996)
10. Einsamkeit (Piano Version from May 15th 2020)
11. Schakal (Piano Version from June 18th 2020)
12. Weil Du Hilfe brauchst (Version for the Anniversary Concert on August 28th 2020)


(This news was published on jueves 03 diciembre, 2020.)