(2022) "Detente Bala" is the fifth studio album by the group from Zaragoza, Las Novias. Recorded with the production of Rafa Domínguez (Guisante, El Huracán Ambulante) at the La Cafetera Atómica studios, it is a collection of eleven songs with his classic sound, rooted in the afterpunk of the 80s and the gothic pop rock of the 90s., now more crude and guitar-driven than ever.

Las Novias present their new album with the video clip for the song MISERICORDE, directed by Julián Martín; a song full of fury and melancholy and with unusually narrative lyrics that claim freedom and memory in dark times.

The formation of the group is the original, with Toño Leza, Óskar Díez and Pedro J. García Ferrer, singer, guitar and bass player respectively, together since May 1988. Together with them, Germán Arenaz, drummer who has already recorded twice with the band live XXX (A la Inversa Records Reloaded, 2017)

01. Detente bala
02. Misericorde
03. Dos hemisferios
04. LF
05. La Mala Hostia
06. Sirio
07. Hilo Rojo
08. El Espíritu de la Escalera
09. Sincronización
10. Ruido Blanco
11. Las Trincheras de Hadal

(This news was published on sábado 09 julio, 2022.)