The legendary Swedish act The Mobile Homes have been quiet for eleven years, except for some singles, so it’s about time there’s a new release.
The album “Trigger” shows us a more grown up sound. It still flirts with the 80’s, but now with more darkness. Andreas tells us about the album: “We’ve done it differently this time; Hasse’s been writing more directly from my musical ideas. To me, the songs are about being older, how your perspective of life has changed. The music is inspired by the bands we first fell for, after punk, in our early teens. There was something that triggered me while listening to them again, maybe it was the youth, memories... Well, I think our lyrics have changed, like it’s developed with a lot more freedom. And that’s the in- tention.
Again, like the previous album from 2009 [that he produced], ‘Trigger’ features the presence of Sami Sirviö of Kent-fame (Swedish alternative pop act with eleven #1 albums, five #1 singles, 23 Swedish Grammy Awards, and over 3 million record sales!), but this time listed as full band-member on Synths and Vocals!
The album was preceeded by 3 digital singles, all included in this album.

01. Via Dolorosa
02. The Song we didn´t have then
03. Zero Zero
04. My Graveyard
05. The Sorrow stays the Same
06. Mirror
07. Once upon a Time I was handsome
08. As you said it
09. Obscurity
10. Trigger CD bonus track:
11. Disappointment

(This news was published on miércoles 05 mayo, 2021.)