Originally announced as X̱wáýx̱way, cEvin decided to change its name to ‘Resonance’, due to the fact that he was accused to use the name of a native American village without "permission" (?)
Both, CD and Vinyl were already in print when the name change was decided though Skinny Puppy founder cEvin Key's first proper new solo record in nearly 20 years comes packaged in a beautiful triple digipak gatefold CD with gorgeous art specially commissioned for this project!
The album features collaborations from IAMX, Edward KaSpel, Traz Damji, Otto von Schirach and more. As one of the most influential electronic musicians of the last 40 years, Key's ‘Resonance’ album sets a new bar.

01. Thirteen
02. Night Flower (with Edward KaSpel)
03. Anger is an Acid (with IAMX)
04. Orange Dragonfly
05. Thunderbird
06. Dark Trail (with IAMX)
07. Tomohawk (with Traz Damji)
08. Kullakan (with Soriah)
09. Watching You (with Edward KaSpel)
10. Sorry, I'm going to think positive
11. Third Eye (with Otto Von Schirach/Banana Sloth)
12. Resonance

(This news was published on miércoles 05 mayo, 2021.)