(ltd. ed. 1000) On 4-panel Digipak Lycia's A Line That Connects returns on CD (and for the first time on 2LP) on Projekt Records.
Originally released in the summer of 2015, ALTC's first pressing of 500 CDs quickly sold out. Haunting, bleak, moody and atmospheric, their 10th album is a heavy record with shifting sonics and a full-band sound thanks to a return to the classic mid-90s Lycia lineup. It's a contemporary sounding release that harkens back to their 90s darkwave roots. Lycia’s mix of post-punk bleak- ness and doomy darkness is an engaging, fascinating listen

01. The Fall back
02. Monday is here
03. Silver Leaf
04. A Trade out
05. Blue
06. An Awakening
07. The Rain
08. Bright like Stars
09. The Light Room
10. Illuminate
11. A Ghost ascends
12. Hiraeth
13. Autumn Moon
14. The only Way through is out

(This news was published on miércoles 05 mayo, 2021.)