(ltd. ed. 100) Edited in double 12" on BLACK Vinyl, coming inside matte cardboard sleeve with print in grey & metallic copper ink.

"There are no words - for the blood dimmed tide is loose, when innocence is drowned, for this fetid gangrene - there are no words". This is the first line of the lyrics from this album. A line and a theme which this album continues to explore throughout the course of it’s 10 tracks. It is at times dark and dangerous, at times beautiful and tense: essential characteristics that underpin the beauty of this work. Straddling the axis between industrial, electronic, contemporary modern classical and impro- vised noise, it features Grinberg’s impressive sound treatments and the irresistible voice of Spybey. It bristles with raw emotion and a continuous cinematic tension, hinting at something that lies beneath but close to the surface. Anatoly Grinberg aka Tokee is a sound mixer for films and tv series, mastering engineer and electronic music composer based in Moscow. Mark Spybey started his career with Zoviet:France in the late 80s before moving to Vancouver. It was here that he started working under the name Dead Voices On Air and was a member of the post-Skinny Puppy band Download with cEvin Key. Produced and engineered in Moscow, Russia and North Yorkshire, UK by Anatoly Grinberg (music, production, programming) and Mark Spybey (vocals, strum stick, guitar, bass guitar, piano, organ, clarinet, drums, percussion, trumpet, melodica, harmonica).
Artwork by Stefan Alt.

A1 The Failure of Language
A2 The innocents Song
A3 The forever Walk
B1 Hymn President
B2 Arc or first Arc
C1 The Sun roars
C2 It started to move towards me
D1 I am lost in the Blinding
D2 Sensationnel
D4 We know what we know

(This news was published on miércoles 10 marzo, 2021.)