Blutengel dedicate again themselves to the 80s and dress in “Fountain of Destiny” ten iconic songs from probably the most musically formative decade in their own garb. In doing so, they manage the incredible balancing act of respectfully retaining the original essence of the pieces on the one hand and putting their own stamp on each track on the other.
Perhaps this works so well because his songs “still sound a bit retro today”, explains mastermind Chris Pohl.
This CD version also includes two brand new and exclusive Blutengel Tracks – that fit in per- fectly: The instrumental “Journey to the Edge of the World” is simply great, while “Unsere Zeit” (Out Time) offers a tiny bit of hope, that is so urgently needed in these hard times, without sounding pathetic.
The cover songs were of course handpicked by Chris and Ulrike Goldmann and are those tracks “that seemed to me from today’s point of view not of this world”, explains Chris with that certain sparkle in his eyes that you only get when listening to 80s music.
Whether it’s the emotional “Forever Young” [Alphaville], the (already in its original version) wonderfully wacky “Dr. Mabuse” [Propaganda] or the dystopian “Down in the Park” [Gary Numan] – there’s heart and soul in each of these cover versions. In combination with the professional skills and a natural feel for the right sound “Fountain of Destiny” offers a high delight for your ears!

01. The Wild Boys
02. Forever Young
03. Hymn
04. Down in the Park
05. Alone
06. Silent Running
07. Nobody's Diary
08. Dr. Mabuse
09. The Sun Always Shines on TV (Blutengel Version)
10. Ship of Fools
11. Unsere Zeit
12. Journey to the Edge of the Night (Instrumental)

(This news was published on miércoles 03 febrero, 2021.)