In Digipak, same tracks as on the limited Vinyl.

Markus Reinhardt, the founder of Echo Award-winning, Gold & Platinum-selling Wolfsheim presents 'Waking Up In A Different World', from his new electro project Renard!
Deeply rooted in the 80s, Renard is a modern take on electro/synthpop, that beautifully combines influences & history with a varied collection of vocal talent.
The end of Wolfsheim motivated me to reinvent myself. A process that was urgently needed. With Renard, I'm more with myself" Reinhardt says of Renard, "My album combines the sound & mood of the 80s with the stylistic devices of today."
renard showcases Reinhardt’s signature intimate songwriting in symbiosis with renowned producers Oliver Blair (Ladytron, Client, Soho-dolls, Kelli Ali / Sneaker Pimps) & the Hamburg Chaos Compressor Club (Neon black, Moddi, Marv, Steakknife, Love A, illegal colors). Vocal duties on the album are shared by a selection of well-known talented musicians. Pascal Finkenauer (JAW), lends his special timbre to the lead single “Travel in Time”, a perfect modern synthpop dance track. On “The Meissen Figurine,” urban-folk singer Joseh, who is also featured on “Junkyards,” brings a sense of uplifting spirituality to the song.
On “Heresy,” the vocals are stunningly curated by British vocalist Sarah Blackwood (Client, Dubstar). Greek multiple award-winning vocalist/composer Marietta Fafouti lends her beautiful voice to “Restless,” & Eliza Hiscox (royalchord) - from Berlin, by way of Australia, is enchanting on “My Heart’s still shaking”. “Hotel” & “Damn Happy” sees Renard collaborate with legendary Alphaville vocalist Marian Gold. Reinhardt & Gold share a mutual admiration of each other’s work, & for Gold, singing for any act other than an Alphaville is an extraordinary occasion.
The project is an ambitious musical rebirth of Reinhardt post-Wolfsheim.

01. Meissen Figurine
02. Restless
03. Travel in Time
04. Heresy
05. Damn Happy
06. Hotel
07. My Hearts still shaking
08. Junkyards
09. Intelligent Design

(This news was published on miércoles 02 diciembre, 2020.)