(ltd. ed. 300 copies) Special Edition 3LP Boxset on Clear & Black vinyl, printed sleeves in box, matt lamination. Also includes 3 (A3-sized) posters of the albums cover art.

20 year anniversary boxset featuring for the first time on vinyl Kammarheit’s first 3 official albums:
“Asleep and well Hidden” (2003), “The Starwheel” (2005) y “The Nest” (2015)

Since the formation of the project, Pär Boström has delivered time and time again some of the most compelling and dare we say authentic Dark Ambient music ever to grace our ears. 2020 also sees the release of his new full length “Thronal” (Cyclic Law) as well as marking the projects 20th year of existence. Kammarheit’s discography is a flawless and shadowy collection of dreamy, melancholic soundscapes that we hope will see a further expansion in the years to come.

LP1 ‘Asleep and well Hidden’:
01 Hiding
02 The Ruins and the Serene
03 For the Innermost
04 The Poignant
05 Epitome
06 Dreamhours

LP2 ‘The Starwheel’:
01. Hypnagoga
02. Spatium
03. The Starwheel (Clockwise)
04. Klockstapeln
05. The Starwheel (Counter Clockwise)
06. A Room between the Rooms
07. Sleep after Toyle, Port after stormie Seas
08. All quiet in the Land of frozen Scenes

LP3 ‘The Nest’:
01. Borgafjäll
02. Unsealed
03. Lower Halls
04. The Howl
05. Sphaerula
06. Hypnagaeum
07. The Nest
08. Sung in Secret
09. Aeon


(This news was published on martes 01 diciembre, 2020.)