(ltd. ed. 300) Special release limited and hand-numbered edition. Released in a clear-tray jewel case; includes a 12-page booklet with lyrics.

This Brazilian CD was released already 2 years ago and is a kind of ‘Best of’ 1987- 2018, including some special remixes and new versions of famous tracks.

01. The sinner
02. Spirit Sacrifice
03. Requiem
04. Dead Dog's Howl
05. Innercircle Outsider
06. Ad Gladium
07. Dark Angels of Sin
08. The New Black (Jubileum Mix)
09. The Omen
10. May You be in Heaven (Piano Version 2003)
11. Dreamworld (Orchestral Version 2018)
12. Talvenaika
13. Winter
14. Bites and Bloody Kisses
15. Black Moon (remix by Dark Side Cowboys)
16. Vampire Empire (Orchestral Version 2018)

(This news was published on jueves 24 septiembre, 2020.)