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(ltd. ed. 500) Projekt Neue Ordnung was the 1st and only Compilation done by Tesco Organisation. It was released in 1990 and has become legendary since. 2017 is the year of Tesco´s mail-order 30 years anniversary – ‘excuse’ enough, to compile a follow- up compilation, feat. contemporary and new projects.
Some projects that you might have never heard of before, or you will never hear of after. It combines artists that are currently producing high class material of which we never had the chance for a full-length release before and bands that are attracting the listeners’ attention and highly deserve it. The project is an international one and has been compiled since 2015.
The box presentation follows the graphical art of the 1st 'Projekt Neue Ordnung' - the printed box houses the 4 LPs including a lavish printed full color A4 booklet and is numbered to only 500 copies.
Nearly 160 minutes of music that awaits your exploration. All bands are presenting their view on Projekt Neue Ordnung and have supplied some magnificent artwork assembled in an oversized A4 fullcolor booklet.
The music presented here ranges from abstract concrete sounds, dark drone ambience, post industrial, power electronics to noise music. As multi-shaped as it is, it is! Compilations have been the main entrance to new projects, to extend the musical knowledge and give room to new concepts.

This is your chance to discover new talent that highly deserve attention! featuring: Am Not [gb], Alfarmania[s], Ausströmen[gb], Body Cargo [lt], Cadlag [?], Deathpanel [d], Dust Belt [us], Geography Of Hell [us/f], Graustich [a], Griefer [cdn], Grunt [sf], Ill [d], Jaakko Vanhala [sf], Ke/hil [d], K.i.a. [p], Lebensfaden [jp], :m: [us], Pain Nail [sf], Puce Mary [dk], Pterygium [gb], Rope Society [aus], Rusalka [cdn], Rusha [d], Salford Electronics [gb], Screloma [jp], Shift [gb], S.t.a.b. Electronics [gb], Svartvit [nl], The Trainables [gb], Totraum [hu], Wertham [i]

(This news was published on martes 08 septiembre, 2020.)