Michael Stearns is an American musician and composer of ambient electronic music. He is also a multi genre composer, sound designer, and soundtrack producer. His credits include music for television, feature films, planetariums, theme parks, World Fairs, twenty-two IMAX films and nineteen solo albums. He has created music for NASA, Laserium, Disney Films, HBO, ABC’s The World of Explorers, 20/20, Ron Fricke’s non-verbal global film masterpieces Chronos, Sacred Site, Baraka and Samsara.
His career began with electronic music releases in the late 70s; his landmark “Planetary Unfolding” came out in 1981.
Erik Wøllo is a Norwegian composer and musician known for spacious, evocative ambient music primarily using atmospheric guitars and synthesizers. He has composed numerous works for contemporary classical ensembles as well as pieces for ballet, theater, multimedia installations, and library music. Coming from a background of jazz and progressive rock, Wøllo began making music in 1980 but really found his own style with his 1985 solo full-length Traces.
Since then he has released over 50 albums including collaborations with other noted ambient artists such as Steve Roach, Ian Boddy, and percussionist Byron Metcalf. Soulful electronic sound-painting and evocative space music combine on Convergence, the debut collaboration between Norway's Erik Wøllo and America's Michael Stearns. Known for passionate soundtrack work on director Ron Fricke's Chronos, Baraka and Samsara, Stearns collaborates on his first indie-label-released non-film-score since 2001.
The album is a haunting and shadowy world blending these pioneering artists' mystical and emotional sonic styles, developing an inner resonance of expressive reveries that venture into dark mystical terrain as the album progresses.

01. Triptyk [10:12]
02. Ruins of the Past [07:34]
03. The Way ahead 1 [05:41]
04. A solitary Place [08:13]
05. The Nomad's Journey [07:12]
06. Somewhere in the Distance [07:12]
07. The Way ahead 2 [06:15]
08. Subterranean Canyon [06:42]
09. The Herald [07:38]
10. Cirrus (Postlude) [05:30]

(This news was published on martes 01 septiembre, 2020.)