Williams' 8th full length release once again finds him croaking through subjects no one else will sing about!
It's not just the usual taboos, though he excels at them as a "foreskin melts like butter." There is also a singular elevation of the patently absurd: an empathetic human foot, a chiropractor who housecalls by helicopter, a clambake at the end of the world. As usual, many listeners will just say "Why?" while a loyal minority will recognize each of these tunes as the one thing they've waited for their entire lives. Musically, David's notorious sense of infectious melody flows through, whether supported by overlapping arpeggiators, overwrought orchestration or even his occasional OG piano plodding. His krankenschwester quackadoodle coughalong tradition of novelty numbers continues as well, with the spirited singalong "Marquis De Sade was a Sadist." Does Margaret Sanger really live in Heaven? Find out here…

01. Song about being a Foot
02. Marquis De Sade was a Sadist
03. Three brown Liquids
04. Margaret Sanger lives in Heaven
05. The Clambake at the End of the World
06. Sun cracks through Black Cotton
07. Chiropractor arrives by Helicopter
08. Unworthy of Love
09. I dreamed I caught a Cold
10. I may be a Rat
11. Pets will eat their Owners
12. One Meatball
13. Lou Gehrig
14. Somber Sombrero

(This news was published on domingo 19 julio, 2020.)