Originally released in 2015 as hand-numbered and – signed edition of 1000 copies, and sold out since May 2018, this amazing release has just been re-printed in it’s original shape.
Also this second edition is hand-numbered and hand-signed by Steve Roach himself. Bloodmoon Rising: The Complete 5-Hour Collection is a tour-de-force of deep-ambient noir. These long-form ultra deep sound immersion zones were created for the four consecutive Blood Moon lunar eclipses which started in April of 2014, and completed on September 28 2015.
This collection holds the four 70-minute Bloodmoon Rising pieces, and is presented in a beautiful, 4-disc limited edition (1000) Eco-Wallet, each signed and numbered. All pieces have been carefully mastered for this CD release by Howard Givens.

CD1: [73:30] The first "Bloodmoon Rising" piece that started the project. Previously unreleased, recorded in April 2014 for the first eclipse, and further enhanced during the summer of 2015.
CD2: [70:04] Night 2, the October 14 2014 piece. Originally released as a Bandcamp exclusive.
CD3: [73:30] Night 3, the April 4 2015 piece. Originally released as a Bandcamp exclusive.
CD4: [73:40] The final piece for the September 28, 2015 Blood Moon eclipse. Previously unreleased. Created during Summer 2015.

(This news was published on viernes 17 julio, 2020.)