(ltd. ed. 500) Hand-numbered Edition.

In the 90s Sweden really built themself a name within the electronic scene. We are talking about real "cult" acts within the EBM-scene such as Scapa Flow, Cat Rapes Dog, Pouppée Fabrikk, Inside Treatment AND Cultivated Bimbo.
This hard-hitting Uppsala-based duo debuted with their 12" Configuration 1 on classic label Electronic Beat Association, that later became part of Energy Rekords. With hits like "Body Mechanic", "Corruption" and "Ready to reveal" to name only a few, they quickly became a name on everybody’s’ lips.
After their Album 1995 everything became pretty much, totally silent. While acts like Pouppée Fabrikk and Cat Rapes Dog continued their trip others faded one by one.
Until now. Cultivated Bimbo mastermind Joacim Thenander (nowadays also acts like Maschine Brennt) has taken 12 classic tracks and totally remade and reshaped them to fit into more of a 2020 standard. But it´s all still made with that classic feel to them. Bombastic tracks like "Corruption" has never sounded better.
This is a total must for everyone that listens to electronic music. A trip into the best era of the Swedish electronic music.
A piece of history restored, remade and simply amazing.

01. Impulzus
02. Slaugher House
03. Brutalize
04. Walking on Acid
05. Pain
06. Corruption
07. Horst
08. Brain Diggers
09. Assassin
10. Take No.5
11. Fascisma
12. Mr Rubber

(This news was published on viernes 22 mayo, 2020.)