The CD-Version of this brand new EP comes fully packed with 4 exclusive bonus-tracks: a longer version of Vile Electrodes’ Apoptygma Berzerk interpretation of ‘Deep Red’ (previously released in a shorter version on the limited split-7”), an amazing minimal ‘C-64 Version’ of the new song ‘Atom & Eve’, a ‘Drugwar’ Remix of ‘A Battle…’ and the all ex- clusive track ‘Jennifer Corvino’!

This is the first all new material with vocals on it from Apoptygma Berzerk since the 2013 "Major Tom EP"!
"Soma Coma", "Atom & Eve" and "A Battle for the Crown" are brand new songs from APOP, and the track "Nearest" is a brand new recording of the track first called "Near" on "The 2nd Manifesto" and later "Nearer" on the "7" album. All of the songs, apart from "Soma Coma" were performed live during the 2019 mini-tour of Germany, Belgium and Norway – and this is the first time, that studio recordings of these tracks will be made available!

01. Soma Coma
02. Atom & Eve
03. A Battle for the Crown
04. Nearest
05. Deep Red (The Long Cut by Vile Electrodes)
06. Atom & Eve (C-64 Version)

(This news was published on miércoles 20 mayo, 2020.)