2019. In digipack.

"_Humans" comes with 19 cuts that tell the human drama of the abandonment of our planet and we will have to find a new home in another corner of the universe in the future.
Created in 2003 by Pedro Viñuela and under the umbrella at the time of www.play-code.com, Spoweck is an abstract and electronic music project with direct influences from electro, techno, hip hop and the entire dominant school in the 90s of styles such as ambient and illbient. All this confluence of genres, which was called IDM is eclipsed by the amalgam and mutant way to change the shape and timbre of Spoweck's records.

01. Humans
02. Problems in Heaven 03:31 buy track
03. It Is Not Too Late
04. Plastic and Politicians
05. The Message
06. Technology Will Not Save Us
07. EXOPlnts
08. God Will Hate Us
09. Vulko
10. An Innocence Trip
11. The Poison We Are
12. Warning
13. Earth´s Call
14. Can´t Breath There
15. Antenae
16. The Running
17. Leaving Everything Behind
18. Melting Heaven Down
19. Exodus

(This news was published on miércoles 12 febrero, 2020.)