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‘Sonic Fields Vlieland’ is an audio composition (almost 3 hours into an USB in hi-res audio) made exclusively with original environmental recordings done in the island of Vlieland (North Sea, Holland) created in 2017.
With no additional instruments, voices or any other sounds, these recordings have been transfigured and dramatically evolved to create a new virtual sonic reality.
Originally conceived to be listened at specific geo-located positions in Vlieland.

01. Movement 1: ‘forest Dip’
02. Movement 2: ‘forest Hill’
03. Movement 3: ‘dune Crater’
04. Movement 4: ‘beach’
05. Movement 5: ‘polders’
06. Movement 6: ‘west End’
- A document (in pdf format) with the info

(This news was published on martes 22 enero, 2019.)